The next January 20 it will be possible to participate in the call of the tender CONneSSi - Digital strategies for global markets 2022

The call rewards MSMs with seats in the provinces of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi intending to develop or consolidate their exports thanks to digital solutions, such as digital marketing, promotion campaigns on search engines and social platforms, SEO and SEM optimization, etc.

The maximum contribution for company is € 10,000.

The Women's Business Fund (Fondo impresa femminile) supports the presence of women in the business world.

The Fund supports the start-up of new entrepreneurial activities and the implementation of innovative projects in which women are the protagonists, through grants and subsidized loans.

The Fund begin with a capacity of 40 million euros and it is included in the lines of intervention of the PNNR.

In a short time, the Italian Ministry for Economy will indicate the opening terms for the presentation of applications through which to request the facilities.

The new national call for proposals will open on 27 February 2020, which will provide non-repayable grants to SMEs for the economic enhancement of registered designs.

The non-refundable grant will be equal to 80% of the eligible costs, related to:
· Phase 1 Production
Purchase of external specialized services to promote the production of new products related to a registered design/model (e.g.: materials research, prototypes, moulds, consultancy for market approach, etc.). The maximum amount of the facility, for Phase 1, is €65.000,00.
· Phase 2 Marketing
The marketing of a registered design/model (e.g.: technical-economic evaluation, legal advice, etc.). The maximum amount of the facility, for Phase 2, is € 10.000,00.

Next July, PAG will organize an SME mission to Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia.
The Malaysian economy, the fourth largest in Southeast Asia, has developed rapidly over the last twenty years, with a growth rate that has remained uniformly around 5%. Trade relations with Italy have recorded strong growth in the last 5 years, with +10% for our exports.

The objective of the mission is to develop the presence of Italian SMEs in the Malaysian market, through the establishment of relationships with local partners.
During the mission B2B meetings and business views are planned.

The "Nuova Sabatini" measure gives companies the possibility to obtain a bank loan accompanied by a non-refundable grant of up to €200,000 for the realization of new investments in capital goods.
"Nuova Sabatini" supports the purchase of new capital goods (machinery, equipment, production plants, means of transport, hardware, software, etc.).
The facility consists of a bank loan of between €20,000 and €2 million with a non-repayable grant calculated on the amount financed.

The results of the last presidential elections held in Indonesia last April confirm what the major international analysts and observers have been claiming for some time that Indonesia is strengthening as a key country for commercial opportunities and for foreign direct investment.
Fourth most populous country in the world with a young middle class in continuous development and increasingly attentive to their consumption needs. The only country in the South East Asia area to be a member of the G20 and with a good chance, according to Standard Chartered, to enter the G7 by 2030 and, again within the same period, to rank among the top five global economies. Politically the country is stable with a by now consolidated democratic tradition, 80% of the population is Muslim, but the order of the state is secular. The current President, reconfirmed with a broad consensus, intends to continue the work of simplification and streamlining that has brought Indonesia from the eighth to the fourth place in the report on the global investment destinations 2017-2019 of the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).
The opportunities to be seized are many, even for the Italian MPMIs. There are several bridging actors, private and institutional, working together to connect the two countries and maximize the chances of making good business.

Communication has always been one of the main tools to increase the competitiveness of companies. This is even more evident today, in a market that is increasingly complex, but also full of opportunities.

Through our network, companies have the opportunity to access skills and professionalism that allow them to develop solutions and projects using the most innovative technologies and tools.
Furthermore, PAG can carry out a series of more traditional promotional activities, which are key in the start-up and development phase of a new market and which allow companies a direct approach with their interlocutors. For this reason, PAG supports companies in the organization of trade missions, participation in trade fairs, events, scouting of business partners and much more.

SMEs that are developing internationalization projects can find valuable support in many facilitated finance tools made available both nationally and locally.

In addition to the traditional SIMEST subsidized finance products, which support, for example, feasibility studies, technical assistance programs and the opening of commercial structures, there are in fact various tools that pay more attention to the specificities of local realities.

In this perspective, the announcement "2019 Internationalization of the Tuscany Region is imminent in launching, providing grants for Tuscan SMEs that carry out development programs in non-EU markets (participation in fairs) , web marketing, market research, etc.).

Lombardy Region has recently opened the tender "Internationalization Line 2019", which provides the provision of zero-interest loans to Lombard SMEs that intend to implement initiatives aimed at starting and / or consolidating their business in the markets foreign such as product / brand promotion, participation in fairs, the creation of showrooms and exhibition spaces, etc.