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PAG's companies want to support the growth of their SME customers by enhancing their competitiveness on national and international markets from a commercial point of view, developing ad hoc partnerships, innovating and assisting in change processes.

Our goals

The speed and depth of the changes we are experiencing is unprecedented.
impact of Digital has produced a significant impact on production systems, automating more and more operational activities through Big data, AI, Internet of Things, Robotics and Machine Learning and has changed the business dynamics of many sectors.
Currently, 5 types of generations coexist in companies: seasoned professionals, baby boomers, generation x, millennials, generation z.
Changing Labor Market: new skills required to compete in the future(*).
Covid 19 has caused an acceleration in the use of digital tools and a substantial change in consumption habits.
In order to compete in the Digital - Post Covid era, the need to develop new skills and new management logics emerges.

(*) World Economic Forum – 2020

PAG: Integrated skills for shared goals

The PAG companies, in relation to each other, bring together different competences, organize themselves to work together and give greater guarantees to third parties. Companies establish relationships of collaboration and coordination to achieve shared national and international objectives.


Strategies, opening of new markets, investments

Marketing and Communication

Project development from corporate to product, from digital innovation to events

Tax, Legal and Corporate

Corporate and banking law, tax planning, finance

Network Companies


International Consulting


Your partner for international markets

The CROMWELL consulting group, whose name wishes to recall the historical figure of Oliver Cromwell, character who played a fundamental role in promoting the international development of English commerce in the seventeenth century, supports the internationalization processes of companies intending to expand into foreign markets, not only to export, but also to produce or import.
CROMWELL proposes itself as an external pole, dynamic, flexible and specialized in working with international markets, to which companies can refer to plan development strategies abroad and in the operational implementation of programs and projects.


Tailoring Solutions


Business Internationalization AND Business Development

BEACON Srl is an Italian company that advises on internationalization of business and business development. We are focused on transnational activities towards specific foreign markets: United Kingdom, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.
Beacon's strategic approach begins with analyzing the strengths of each customer and places them at the center of the entry strategy in the foreign reference context.
Together with our customers we design the best possible approach to foreign markets.
In addition to strategic consultancy, we offer assistance in commercial development, the establishment of partnerships, JVs and international agreements. We also provide operational assistance on issues such as contracts, logistics and customs matters.
BEACON is based in Milan from where it manages its international network of contacts. The company boasts important partnerships with private and institutional subjects in each context treated.

Extra Milano



Sinergia Allo Stato Puro

Technological innovation is at the heart of new ways of communicating and Extra Milano offers the market tailor-made solutions to successfully achieve new goals.

Over the years, we have led companies to adapt dynamically to an ever-changing demand, giving clients the opportunity to explore the digital world with new digital marketing strategies, new brand identities and new integrations between online and offline experiences.

The product/service will need to communicate in an increasingly digital, virtual, yet realistic way. A future in which the introduction of a digital culture will be increasingly fundamental is a future that will promote the business of today and tomorrow.


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